Hey! Welcome to

Do you like to feel good?

Yeah, me too and most of the world I think…

I’m guessing you like waking up smiling,

and giggling like a naughty school kid high on sugar.

But you’d rather feel high on life than sugar though, right?

You wanna be surrounded by beauty, fun and joyfulness, yeah?

AND you wanna have some FUN!

PlusΒ (because 1 cookie is never enough right?!) you want your office and home to look awesome too.

And why wouldn’t you?!

Hello, I’m Shirley,

and I am ALL about helping you feel good

and your home look fab!

(The kind of feel goodΒ and fab-ness that comes from eating ALL the cookies and finding out afterwards they were calorie free and actually good for you!)

I create:

Big ‘make your home look amahhhzing’ fine art paintings that lift your soul and light you up inside.

Giggle worthy illustrations that make great gifts and cool art for your kid’s rooms (or your office – no judgment here!).

Books – for the kid in all of us, that make you giggle and give you a pep talk when you need it.

Book illustrations – If you have a story you need awesome pics for, I’m ya girl!