Welcome to Divinely Inspired Art by Shirley. 


This is empowerment art. 


Art that is channeled uniquely for your soul. 


A reflection of your highest truth and essence. 


Art for the star seeds that are planted and already growing strong in their truth and power. 


Art that aligns you to your highest vibration by transmitting the purest vibration of love and light.


Art that says:












This is divine art, channeled directly from spirit, as a transmission of your unique signature of love and light.


This is the alter piece to your sacred temple, 


Holy and divine, powerful and unique,


A reminder and gift from the universe of who you TRULY are and came here to be.

Everything is made of energy vibrating at certain frequencies, including the art in your home. What you surround yourself with in your day to day life, affects the energy of your home, your office and all who live or work there. 


If you desire to be in a high vibration, and bring abundance to ALL areas of your life, then surrounding yourself with high vibrational art is a very powerful, beautiful and enriching way to do that.


​These paintings are channeled directly  from spirit, through Shirley, and are created by building up layers of sacred colour, sacred sound, and love light transmissions. Shirley is able to channel spirit in various ways, with paint, with her voice, sound and light language, which she uses throughout the painting process. All the paintings are infused with a transmission of pure unconditional love, which Shirley does through a practice of meditation, intention and focus. 


​Through these sacred rituals and practices, these paintings become high transmissions of healing and love. They each carry a unique divine blue print which when hung in situ, form powerful light grids around the world, each increasing in frequency with each other. 


The uniquely channeled paintings for clients also hold the client's true soul signature, a reminder and reflection of the true power, light and magnitude that you are.  They are instantly able to raise your vibration and hold space for your highest vibration to emerge. These are powerful and unique paintings that act like an alter piece to your individual sacred soul temple and can also be used as a focal point during meditations. 



A little peace of mind...


  • Buying art can be intimidating,  to remove any discomfort, prices are displayed on the website. 
  • No commissions are taken without meeting Shirley (online). This ensures all your concerns are addressed and that Shirley is the best artist to channel your painting.
  • All commissioned paintings come with free postage.
  • Paintings larger than 40 x 40 need to be removed from the frame and rolled in order to ship. If this is the case, you will need to take the canvas to a professional framer to have it re-stretched, this can cost anything around $100 - $200. Shirley will provide you with details. 
  • See our FAQ's for further information. 

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