Hello! I'm Shirley, an artist, author and prolific creator. 


Do you want to live in a world where you live your most joyful creative life? I know I do, and my life's work is helping you do that. 


Here you will find:


💜 High vibrational art imbued with powerful high frequency healing energy to raise your own vibration and that of your environment that reflects your inner light back to you. 


💜 This Artful Life podcast for the creators, change-makers, dreamers and light workers, and any wannabes, where we discuss all things creativity, soulful and spiritual, and have a giggle reconnecting to our inner creative child too. 


💜 Programs to help you reconnect with your innate inner creativity and lead a more joyful life, connecting to the source within you and stepping into your own light. 


💜 Books for the kid in you that help you traverse the bitter-sweet moments of life and being human, in a way that feels like a hot chocolate for your soul. 



Welcome to where art and life feels good and feeds your soul. 

© Shirley Harvey 2019